The fine print

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Check-In: Between 4 p.m. & 8 p.m.

Checkout: 11 a.m.

Unregistered overnight guests are not permitted.


Is not permitted inside the apartment. A $250.00 charge will be assessed if there is any evidence of noncompliance. Smoking also is not permitted anywhere on the premises.


and receptions and gatherings of people in addition to registered guests are not permitted without the express prior consent of the suitekeepers. Requests to use the Jessie Benton Suite for parties and gatherings will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will require the execution of a written contract in advance of the event date. Additional fees will apply and a substantial security deposit will be required.

Upon arrival guests must sign a security deposit agreement:

I hereby acknowledge that I have given Rachel Presley or Karen Karabell, suitekeepers of the Jessie Benton Suite, my credit card information, and that this information is being held in lieu of a security Taking notes at the "Jessie"deposit.

If I have chosen not to given Rachel or Karen my credit card information, I have given them a cash deposit of $500.

I understand that upon my departure and inspection of the apartment, my credit card information will be shredded, or a check mailed promptly for my cash deposit, provided that I and all others in my party leave the Jessie Benton Suite in move-in condition, except for normal cleaning and laundry. This includes cleaning and putting away all dishes, pots & pans before my departure.

I understand that the following circumstances could incur additional charges:

  • If any furnishings are moved to another location in the apartment
  • If there are unusual stains on any of the furnishings, rugs or walls upon my departure that require special cleaning or painting

I understand and agree that the total cost of any damages or excessive cleaning charges will be charged to my credit card (or deducted from my deposit, if I have paid a cash deposit).

Thank you!

Check Availability or Book Now


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